Robot Coupe R2 Dice Review: Your Kitchen Expert

A giant cafeteria or restaurant setup requires a lot of hard work in completing daily orders; it also demands more time and energy in cutting and preparing things. If you are doing it all manually, you might know how quickly you must miss your orders and keep up the reputation. This is why I have come up with a great suggestion of buying Robot Coupe R2 Dice that can save you time, energy and can help you cover more orders in lesser time.

Not only can you use this Robot Coupe R2 Dice in professional kitchens or restaurants, but you can also use it in your homes to save your time in doing your prep work in a fraction of the effortless time that you might be otherwise done manually.

Product Specifications

  • Stainless steel motor shaft
  • Motor Base
  • Safety and Motor Brake
  • Power 2 HP
  • Pulse control button for better cut precision
  • Heavy-duty Bowl Cutter
  • Accessories included
  • Built-in induction motor
  • Removable feel lead and chute

Product Description

This is one of the best products that you can buy to make your kitchen chores easier. It comes with features that are unmatched and that everyone needs to have as their kitchen partners. Here is a detailed description of this kitchen expert’s features that I have jotted down to make this decision-making process easier for you.

Premium quality Bowl Cutter

Have you ever felt the need to cut or mix up small ingredients simultaneously to save your time? Then this is probably the time you get it: this Robot Coupe R2 Dice comes with a heavy end bowl cutter with fantastic components to make the task easier for you.

This R2 Dice has a plastic bowl, a clear food processor lid, and a smooth stainless steel “S” blade that are incredible in doing their mixing and grinding task.

The plastic bow will help you mix up small portions of the ingredients. Also, it makes it easier for you to process multiple ingredients together simultaneously at once without any waste of time.

The lid of the Dice is clear enough to let you see through and monitor the ingredients inside. This helps you greatly in mixing/grinding them up to the mark without over/under-mixing them all.

Then comes the “S” blade that is extremely powerful in mincing the ingredients, emulsifying food, and making sauces. The great thing about these blades is that you can also buy them separately in different sizes and power for fine or coarse mincing.

Powerful Feed Head

The powerful feed head of the Dice gets all your tedious tasks done. It comes with a large, kidney-shaped chute into which you can load multiple smaller ingredients and allow you to add up much bigger items in it to complete the mincing task at once.

This feed head is a fantastic addition to this Dice to help you process the defined ingredients in a specific way of your choice.

Versatile Vegetable Preparation

Vegetables can never be left out of the list when talking about careful, fast, and easy processing of ingredients in the kitchen. Vegetable processing is an important task to be done; you would never want to buy a completely separate prep setup for it. This unit comes with an advanced veg-prep attachment, hoppers, and a vertical pusher to help you with the task.

  • Vegetable preparation attachment

This R2 Dice comes with a special vegetable prep attachment that is highly compatible with almost 26 stainless steel discs. With this versatile compatibility in your kitchen partner, you can efficiently complete all the veg-prep tasks of your kitchen within no time.

You will be amazed to know that this food processor comes accompanied by a 4 mm slicing disc, a 2 mm grating disc, and a 10 mm dicing kit, so you don’t have to buy them all separately and begin with your processing right away. So, with these included blades, you can quickly grate, cut, slice, shred, ripple, and dice all types of vegetables and fruits.

  • Hoppers

Hoppers have a great power to let you slice up any sized vegetable or fruit efficiently. These hoppers come in different sizes: the larger kidney-sized and small cylindrical-shaped.

The kidney-sized measures up to 12-square inches in size and help you deal with the bulkier items with greater ease. You can easily slice up cabbages and celery with greater convenience.

Then comes the small cylindrical hopper that measures a maximum of up to 2 ¼ inches in diameter. It helps you deal with smaller and narrower vegetables like carrots, mushrooms, and cucumber.

  • Vertical Pusher

This is probably the most advantageous addition in the unit that helps you stay safer and handle the task better. The vertical pushers are added within the hoppers to ensure that the cuts are uniform, neat, and balanced. This pusher also keeps your fingers and hands safer and protects them from any injury when processing larger quantities of food.


There is no doubt that you would like to be on the safer side when purchasing anything, especially online. This is what the manufacturers of Dice 2 have taken great care of: they have intentionally included a 1 year of warranty option with it so that you might be at ease while buying it.

Having such a long-time warranty helps you get in touch with the customer support service when you find difficulty dealing with the product. Also, you can return it over time if you feel it not satisfying your requirements at all.

Easy-to-use and Cleaning Feature

When there is too much buy-in doing their kitchen tasks, most people do not like to spend time setting up and cleaning up the device overall. It irritates them and drains out more energy out them. This is where this D2 Dice comes at the top of the list compared with other similar products.

This kitchen partner is perfectly easy to set up: with a simple 3-button control panel; you can have it set for your work. Also, it has “on,” “off,” and “pulse” switches to make the process even quicker. It also allows you to have more precise control over the unit whenever you need it. Also, it is an easy-to-carry material with a handle.

Furthermore, it comes with a removable feel lead and chute: you can remove the two components for easy and convenient washing and cleaning.

Some Other Features

Product Dimensions: This commercial food processor comes in 9.13 x 8.7 x 16.6 inches of dimensions along with 3.5 pounds of weight.

Product Color: This combination food processor comes in gray color. It looks fantastic and complements every kitchen setting greatly.

Product Material: This Cutter Mixer Food Processor is made of plastic; however, it is a composite material manufactured, keeping in view all the needs and requirements of high-end kitchen workers.

Why should you buy Robot Coupe R2 Dice?

This kitchen expert is no doubt a fantastic thing you can have as your kitchen partner. It not only makes your mixing, mincing, and chopping tasks more accessible but also keeps you from investing your time and energy in handling daunting kitchen tasks.

Now, let me tell you in detail about the benefits of the components of R2 Dice separately to help you get a clearer vision of having this unit as a real kitchen partner.

  1. The plastic bowl is made to handle all the chopping, mixing, and grinding processes for food preparation. With this feature, you never have to buy separate units for these processes.
  2. Hoppers allow you to have easy handling with the processor feeding without letting you face any hassles.
  3. The powerful veg/fruit feed kit is amazingly constructed with an ABS plastic lid that never breaks and is convenient to manage while handling heavy daily kitchen preparations.
  4. This complete unit saves your time and energy up to much extent and lets you feel fresh even after doing a lot of cutting, chopping, mixing, and grinding tasks.

All these features make this unit a complete advanced processor that takes care of all your kitchen-prep requirements, and you do not feel the need to buy any other item ever in the future.

What makes it different from manual prepping process?  

The features of this robotic kitchen-prep are incredible and make it different from the manual kitchen prepping ingredients and make it stand prominent among similar units in the market. There are a lot of factors that make it different from manual prepping ingredients, and I have listed some of them below:

Firstly, manually prepping ingredients consume a lot of time and energy from people that they can invest in various other kitchen tasks to improve the kitchen’s reputation. Understating this, the unit is made to save this time and energy and help the person be efficient in preparing and presenting ingredients overall.

Then, manually prepping ingredients increase the safety risks for the people, as the sharp knives and other kitchen instruments can easily cause severe injury that they might never want to happen to them in any case. While on the other hand, this unit is well-equipped with safety features.

Finally, it not only saves your time and energy but rather it comes to saves your money also. When you buy this unit, you don’t need to purchase extra money on buying other products or the same unit over and over again. This is because it is made to live longer; the components are highly durable and have high-quality material to stay longer and intact. This helps the unit be with you in your kitchen for a more extended period and helps you out in doing all your heavy0duty work in just a fraction of time.

What do other people think about this unit?

If you are still confused about giving this unit a try, let me share some authentic buyers’ reviews to clear up your mind even further. So, let’s know what other buyers have to say about this unit.

Hundreds of people around the world have bought this unit to ease themselves in their heavy kitchen work and reviewed this unit as:

“This is one of my favorite kitchen equipment I’ve ever bought for myself. I do many tasks with it, and I especially love making smoothies on a grand scale. It makes my dicing, slicing, pureeing, and shredding tasks a lot easier, and I love it for that.”

“I love making ice creams and baking, and Robot Coupe R2 Dice is my partner in all. It helps me making ice cream toppings or making garnishes, and much more. It makes cheese grating much easier and boosts my confidence in making my hobby a profession.”

“I was searching for a kitchen unit that could help me out in my kitchen veg/fruit-preps for some months, and I have looked into each store to get the one. At last, I bought this Robot Coupe R2 Dice at my friend’s recommendation, and I’m glad that I did. It is an easy-to-use unit with an affordable price range for features. It is durable and thus keeps me happy with my expenditure.”

Some Final Words

This Kitchen Robot has everything that every kitchen worker would desire to have in a helper partner. Whether you want to make soups, bake, make ice creams, or have to complete larger-scale orders at your cafeteria, the processing plates take care of all. This Continuous Feed Combination Food Processor comes to increase your facilities with its smooth blade assembly, drive induction motor, 3-Quart Polycarbonate Bowl, and precision control feature, thus reducing the time for processing.

This appliance has got the highest star rating, so I consider it best for you to buy to make your kitchen life a lot easier.